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Clarity Trustees Limited has now been acquired by the Independent Governance Group.  Please follow this link to find out more Clarity Trustees joins Independent Governance Group - Ross Trustees


As your Professional Trustee, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that the pension scheme has clear objectives that everyone agrees on and that real progress is made towards meeting them.  We will work together with the advisers to ensure that the sponsor's and our fellow Trustees’ time is used effectively to focus on the key issues at the right time, while we manage the day to day.

The difference you will see when working with Clarity Trustees:





True Collaboration



We do not currently offer Sole Trustee services as we believe that this can only be provided effectively by a group of diverse professionals genuinely working together and not by one individual.

Chair or Member of Trustee Board

Bringing pensions experience and industry insight to complement the skills that already exist on the Board.  Our role is to manage the day to day, provide focus to the Board and facilitate effective conversations and decision making.

Appointments can be on a long term basis or for a defined period of time until the scheme has a clear goal and is in a steady state.

Support for Projects

We can provide support as a Trustee on a temporary basis for specific projects where it may be helpful to have technical expertise, project management, greater independence or just someone with more time to devote.  This can help to take the emotion out of decisions and ensure action is taken quickly. 

Areas where this may be helpful include complex funding negotiations, DC Scheme review, pension change projects, consideration of DB consolidation, member options, buy-in/out.



Karein Davie

I became a Professional Trustee in 2018 and am fully accredited by the Association of Professional Pension Trustees.  I have worked as Chair or Sole Trustee for over 20 different schemes ranging from charities and a University to multinational businesses.

I am a qualified actuary with almost 20 years’ experience in the pensions industry - starting my career as a trustee adviser and Scheme Actuary, before spending seven years as a corporate consultant at PwC.  This gives me the experience and insight to understand all sides of the pensions puzzle and the pressures that exist.  This, coupled with taking the time to understand an organisation’s unique culture and requirements helps us all work collaboratively to find pragmatic solutions.


In my previous role, I designed and implemented de-risking solutions for pension scheme sponsors and now apply the same mindset to managing schemes as a Trustee.  I bring a focus on strategy to the Trustee Board together with the ability to articulate clear next steps in complex situations and a drive to ensure action is taken. 

My approach as a Trustee is characterised by honesty  – I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions and will have clear, open conversation with Trustees, sponsors and advisers.  I will encourage you to do the same so that everyone has clarity and confidence in the decisions that we are making.   


Experience includes – change in open schemes, setting long term funding objectives, investment reviews, buy-in, member option exercises, corporate restructuring, contingent funding, fiduciary management review, transition to DC Master Trust, member communications and presentations, adviser reviews.

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Choosing a Trustee

Is a Professional Trustee
right for you?

If you are wondering whether a Professional Trustee could be helpful, please do give me a call for a no obligation chat about your scheme and the Trustee role. 

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If you are interested in starting your career as a Professional Trustee or are a Trustee looking for a different way of working, please get in touch. 
Independent Governance Group is keen to speak to you, particularly in connection with our growing presence in the Midlands.

 Clarity Trustees Limited has now been acquired by the Independent Governance Group.  Please follow this link to find out more Clarity Trustees joins Independent Governance Group - Ross Trustees 

Karein on 07407 272472

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