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Clarity Trustees Limited has now been acquired by the Independent Governance Group.  Please follow this link to find out more Clarity Trustees joins Independent Governance Group - Ross Trustees

Clarity Trustees Limited - Centered Tran

The difference you will see when working with Clarity Trustees:


The aim is to take the pressure away from you by taking a practical, hands on approach and providing real clarity on options and next steps.

Clarity Trustees was set up to ensure that I would have sufficient time to personally focus on the needs of your pension scheme and be easily contactable.  Client lists are kept small to ensure there is time to be pro-active and to manage activities rather than simply jump from meeting to meeting.

The Professional Trustee’s role is to create space for all members of the Board and the Sponsor to understand issues and feel confident to contribute to robust discussion and decision making.  This has become even more important when meetings are held via video call.  I will spend time building relationships to facilitate this environment and will work with the Scheme’s advisers to ensure they deliver what is needed for everyone to quickly feel informed.

It is time for Trustees and Sponsors to move away from focusing primarily on three yearly valuation cycles and compliance driven activities.  Focus, instead, on building a shared vision for the Scheme for the medium and long term that aligns with the Sponsor’s business and anticipates risks.  The Trustees can then structure their plans and focus their time on the issues that make a real difference in creating the best outcomes for members and the business.

True collaboration

It is essential that the Trustees and Sponsor work together – I will maintain this positive relationship by regular, open conversations, seeking pragmatic solutions and understanding your business and the potential impact of Scheme activities.  This will be supported by the provision of Sponsor Board papers and updates.

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